EPITOME—Bamboowood is environmentally friendly, natural and stronger than most hardwood in the market. A stunning invention, Bamboowood offers the sheen, durability and luxurious finish of hardwood—but without the ecological damage. Its beauty and finish lend a resplendent aura of opulence to any residence, office space or recreational arena.

EPITOME--Bamboowood offers you flooring for the insides of your house, decking for your outdoors and cladding for that rich feel on walls-along with doors, door frames and stunning custom made furniture. Our range of shades, textures and sheens are specially designed for an international feel that’s perfect for Indian conditions.

Saving the Earth does not mean you have to sacrifice on style. Make a choice to leave behind a cleaner legacy for the coming generations—in style.

Our bamboowood has a sheen, durability and luxurious finish just like hardwood, with a range of beautiful and resplendent options to choose from.

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Our raw materials are sustainably sourced and do not harm the environment

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For the monsoons, by the sea or absolutely any weather - keep your floors looking gorgeous for longer with EPITOME bamboowood

Bamboowood v/s hardwood


Bamboowood is a wood made from bamboo, it displays higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel. It has capabilities for higher compressive strength than many mixtures of concrete. It displays a higher strength-to-weight ratio than graphite—one of the strongest natural materials. The high silica in bamboo makes it indigestible to termites. During regeneration, the bamboo plant's root system stays completely intact so soil erosion is prevented. Bamboo is by far the fastest growing natural resource in the world. It grows to maturity in just 4-5 years- in contrast to a tree which take decades to mature. One-hectare of broad leave forest produces 750 Kg of oxygen compared to 1350 kg of oxygen by one hectare of bamboo forest. India boasts of a rich 11 million hectare bounty of bamboo plantations.

Why not hardwood?


Spread across 10 acres in the lush Bamboo Park in Agartala, Tripura—it boasts of a wide population of over 15 species of bamboo, being one of the most important bamboo cultivation regions of India. Our state of the art facility is the first of its kind in India. It is spread across 1,00,000 sq.ft of factory space and was completed in a rapid 14 months. We employ 100 personnel directly and provide indirect employment for 500. Our tenets of sustainability are fully on display here as Mutha Industries empowers local farmers to grow bamboo and gain prosperity. We employ 100 personnel directly and provide for 500 more indirectly. Our greatest achievement is to empower bamboo farmers of Tripura who have built a steady livelihood through this endeavor.With this trilogy of experts, farmers and locals—our facility is a symbiotic paragon of excellence.

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Virtualize the bamboowood experience – The Virtual Room is your window into the space of your dreams. Play with a variety of options; let your imagination into the skies. Create a bespoke and accurate recreation of your office space, living room or bedroom. Get creative and sample all our bamboowood offerings on both—floors and walls.

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