Epitome in the news

  • Bamboo tiles in Tripura shortly

    To ensure the value addition to raw bamboo, Mutha Industry Pvt Ltd, a Mumbai based company has come up with an ambitious plan to produce bamboo made tiles in Tripura. Initially, the bamboo based industrial unit would be set up in a 9.65...

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  • Bamboo tiles to be produced by Mumbai-based group in Tripura

    Agartala, Dec 5 (PTI) A Mumbai-based industrial group will invest Rs 50 crore in Tripura for making bamboo tiles using using Chinese technology, a top executive of Tripura Industrial Development Corporation (TIDC), said today. The group...

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  • Mutha Industries launches bamboo-based products

    Mutha Industries has introduced its epitome range of bamboo wood flooring tiles, cladding panels and wood substitutes and expects bamboo products to gain popularity in green buildings due to eco-friendly nature. The Mumbai-based company...

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