Epitome in the news

  • Mutha Industries launches bamboo-based products

    Mutha Industries has introduced its epitome range of bamboo wood flooring tiles, cladding panels and wood substitutes and expects bamboo products to gain popularity in green buildings due to eco-friendly nature.

    The Mumbai-based company has set up a manufacturing unit in Tripura for bamboo grass products and has now begun to market them.

    Neeraj Mutha, Director of the company and Anil Mutha, Chairman, said the manufacturing unit set up with aninvestment of ?35 crore has begun commercial production and supplies.

    Speaking at the recently concluded Green Building Congress, they said the factory was commissioned in February 2014 with an installed capacity of 1,50,000 sq meters per annum.

    Bamboo products are aspirational and eco-friendly and suitable for green buildings. Bamboo is the fastest growing grass and needs to be cut after it grows to a certain height. Once cut, it regenerates. Therefore, the process is eco-friendly, he said.

    “The company works with local farmers to help them take up plantations. They in turn support the raw material requirements of the company. The bamboo thus procured and treated and developed for floor tiles and wall claddings.

    In addition, the bamboowood helps design door panels, partitions and also replace wood,??? Neeraj said.The price of bamboo wood based flooring works out similar to hardwood flooring but has a wide range of designs and has the flexibility to use it different applications .

    The Hindu